Cinco De Mayo Parade and Festival!

San José, Ca


City Hall | Cesar Chavez

A Day to Remember Mexican History

Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

Come and celebrate the revival of Cinco de Mayo in San José, California!

Feel the energy once more as we will fill the streets with a celebration parade dedicated to Mexican History.

Let's unite with friends and family at Cesar Chavez Plaza to enjoy entertainment on the main stage, and local vendors to honor the resilience and joy that define this tradition in the heart of Silicon Valley!



Parade Participants

We are looking for parade participants of all talents and experience! This year we are featuring low riders, dancers, and are looking for more special guests to become a part of the parade! Click below to find out more!


Vendor Participants

Are you a vendor with amazing food, products or services to share? Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the Cinco de Mayo celebration in San José! Our event will attract attendees eager to experience the vibrant culture, delicious food, and festive atmosphere. Sign up today!


Parade Sponsorship

Secure your sponsorship today by reaching out to our dedicated sponsorship team. We offer customizable sponsorship packages tailored to suit your marketing objectives and budgetary requirements. Contact us today!


Local Business Participants

Join the Cinco de Mayo Celebration! Be a part of San Jose's vibrant Cinco de Mayo festivities by showcasing your local business! Connect with the community and elevate your brand's visibility at this exciting event. Secure your spot today and make your mark on Cinco de Mayo in San Jose!


Jose Badillo, a proud San José native and local business owner, is the driving force behind our vibrant Cinco de Mayo celebration. With a passion for community and a dedication to showcasing our city's culture, Jose brings his entrepreneurial spirit to create an unforgettable event that unites residents and supports local businesses.

Jose Badillo

Event Creator

Luis Ochoa, a San José life long resident and local business owner, is the visionary behind our city's Cinco de Mayo festivities. With his deep connection to the community and boundless imagination, Luis orchestrates an event that captivates hearts and celebrates our vibrant culture of the downtown area.

Luis Ochoa

Event Creator

Through her work as an advocate for the city of San José, CA working under Omar Torres as chief of Staff, Kiara Arreola dedicates her time to make meaningful impacts on the cultural landscape of the downtown area, enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike with vibrant and memorable experiences.

Kiara Arreola

Event Coordinator

Rose Dubon is a seasoned Sponsor Manager with 6 years of experience in coordinating sponsorship solicitation and fundraising efforts. Rose connects sponsors with opportunities that align with their objectives. Committing to delivering value, she is dedicated to forging strong and mutual relationships for this Cinco De Mayo Parade.

Rose Dubon

Sponsor Manager

Meet Daniela Velasquez: Our

With her exceptional organizational skills and passion for creating memorable experiences.From coordinating vendors to scheduling entertainment, Daniela ensures that every detail is carefully planned to make our Cinco de Mayo celebration unforgettable.

Daniela Velasquez

Event Coordinator

Passionate about art, culture, and community, Zacharias Mendez embraces best practices, policies, that emphasize people-oriented urban and community design. Eager for opportunities to develop and implement innovative approaches to building connected, sustainable, and vibrant communities and public life in San José, CA

Zacharias Mendez

Event Coordinator (OCA)


Low Rider Parade

Folklórico Dancers



What type of event is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico's victory at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, showcasing resilience against foreign intervention and sparking national pride. While not widely celebrated in Mexico beyond Puebla, it holds cultural significance for Mexican-Americans. In Downtown San Jose, California, we honor this heritage by hosting vibrant festivities. Our celebrations feature parades, festivals, music, dance, and cuisine, creating a lively atmosphere that brings the community together to celebrate Mexican culture and identity.

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How can I participate in the parade?

We are looking for participants and talented individuals to make this event possible. Please take a moment to fill out some important information about you or your organization

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How can I participate as a sponsor, vendor or local business?

We pride ourselves on offering fully customizable event planning services. While we do offer pre-packaged plans as a starting point, our goal is to bring your unique vision to life. We'll work closely with you to understand your preferences, style, and objectives, ensuring that every detail is tailored to your specific requirements. Your event will be a reflection of your individuality, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

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Where is the parade rout going to be?

The parade route will start at city hall and go west on Santa Clara St. and make a left on Market where it will end at Cesar Chavez Plaza. You'll enjoy the festival on the park grounds.

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Where is the festival going to be?

The festival will be held at Cesar Chavez Plaza. It will start at 11 am after the parade, and go on until 5:00pm. People can enjoy local vendors, food, and entertainment!

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